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Posted @ 2021-07-28

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Steps make us go up and to come down. As we all know that going upward is very hard and coming down is very easy. do you all agree?

The same thing happens in our life also both in professional and personal life. The richest man in the world can become the poorest man in the world. similarly building our characters is also considered a great thing.

A lady goes to the market every day and purchases where she regularly visits this lady is not that much educated and she doesn't now to calculate the money for what she has bought knowing this the shopkeeper also made the lady fool he puts extra money to the things and also gives expired products. Not only to this lady, but this shopkeeper also did this kind of strategy to everyone who was coming .

one day some of them gathered in front of his shop and started gossiping about his products as all the peoples who were standing there was not educated and also it was a village so they were not that much aware. A person from the same market who has kept shop next came and he saw the products what they bought and said, "This product is expired" soon after this the man itself called the health department and his shop was closed. now think it the shopkeeper gained more respect and hope from the people but his cravings made him lose his both professional and personal life.

we all have a dream to achieve in life but the thing is we should choose the right path. A crack in the path can mislead you, in the same way, your life is also a path. short cuts will always make us reach the destination faster but not permanent.

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