Find the moon in your life.

Author : Sahasra V

Posted @ 2021-12-01

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Find the moon in your life.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was deaf and mute. She had friends but they made fun of her behind her back. she loved looking at the moon... she thought he had music. she couldn't hear his music but she could feel it. she choose music as the passion of her life. she began learning the flute. It was twice as difficult for her to learn it well. She began working hard. But her friends told that to choose something that suits her ability in which she can't able to hear the music. The girl asked the moon " Why am I so different? Why can't I be like them? " moon replied " why do you even want to be like them? you're special !!. But true that you can't hear it but you can see it .. look around! Think of these stars as my musical notes and see the music. She soon mastered the flute and moved her audience to tears. She knew that her hearing impairment and muteness pushed her to see beyond a place of reality where peace was eternal and all she had was SELF BELIEF.

Likewise, Find the moon in your life . I know someone and the world has not been kind to him. He runs an auto garage in my neighborhood and I see how kids make fun of him by pretending to speak and waving their hands in his face. The world is often unkind to anyone different because people fear that these special ones will get over their adversities and do something great in life. so, they bring them down. If you see someone differently able around you be kind to them, you don't have to show sympathy, but at least treat them with dignity and respect the way they deserve. A child with special needs requires some support and motivation the most, someone to believe in them. Just enable them with belief and confidence and they will show you that the world is too small dreams.

Do your bit, spread kindness. Help someone, and be the moon for them.

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