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Posted @ 2021-12-13

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Once there was a boy who was full of love. But his appearance was cruel to him, his love was never accepted, and was always ridiculed. He began to believe that no one will love him. From then he began focusing on his appearance at the expense of losing his love. No matter how hard he tried his appearance stayed the same. But the love in his heart reduced and people followed him like ghosts and mocked him despite his appearance He was healthy but people made him believe otherwise. There was no love left in his heart. Not even for himself. He began to believe that he was UNLOVEABLE.

But one day a friend told him "I Like you" for that he replied, "please don't joke!". He wouldn't believe it at first. But he began painting his heart and began pulling him away from ghosts. He asked "When your doctor says you're healthy... Why do you listen to some insecure idiots?" For that, he replied " But I will never be thin and beautiful as you... and also people will continue mocking me with you too. The friend replied " So what if you are heavy? but your heart is full of love and I will continue showing you how they never matter. And he thought him that people are cruel because they project their insecurities on others. He painted his heart fully red and he was full of love again.

He was heavy but so was his heart full of love. With a heavy body, let there exist a heart that is heavy with love.

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