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Posted @ 2021-07-20

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A small boy lived with his grandmother as his father and mother had passed away due to some disease. The grandmother usually goes to the field and works every day and earns a little money so that she and his grandchild can survive. She can't afford his grandson a wealthier life as she is not much young to work hard to earn more money. But the boy was very happy with his grandmother. Days went by and the boy has also grown up after some days his grandmother also passed away and he was left alone. No relatives and friends came to help him. He went through many struggles at the early stage of life itself and that made him stronger to achieve his goals He completed his schooling in a local school and to join in a college for continuing his higher studies he had no money. So he did a lot of works to save money to join college. After completing college he started working in a company. There also he went through many struggles but his Desire to earn money made him come across many struggles. Later on, he attended many exams and finally got his dream job in his hand. After that, the relatives and friends who didn't even come forward to help are waiting at his doorsteps for help. No one can make you Stop until you stop your race.

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