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Posted @ 2021-04-07

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Once upon a time, A mysterious egg wheeled over to a young chicken. Chicken thought that you are not mine but I will love you like my own no matter what! So she kept it warm in winters and kept it dry.Her friends often warned her " you don't even know what's inside this egg, what if is a predatory bird? what if it can fly?" For that she replied, It needs me right now doesn't matter what it is I will love it as much! and it doesn't have anyone else neither do I, we will figure it out! Finally, the egg hatched, and the outcome a baby snake. The young chicken was shocked but she still accepted the baby snake.Her friends told her that you can't raise him he will eat you one day! Chicken replied " Maybe he will maybe he won't, It is a chance I'm willing to take " she raised him with love and kindness.

After few days baby snake asked the chicken that why I can't be an herbivore? because I'm scared to leave you. For that, she replied Nature made you this way, and nothing wrong with it. you don't have to leave right now. I'll prepare you for the future.

That day came when he left her... Snake said thanks for everything! I'll visit you again.

It is always difficult to predict the future. Children will develop their skills. You never know if you are raising a snake or a swan when you adopt. but what you do know is that you can raise a snake with the same love as a swan. And when the time comes, they will know that.

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