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Posted @ 2021-07-15

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Once upon a time, there was a bunny who saved lives, he saved lives daily. He helped everyone big and small but one-day bunny messed up. He didn’t mean for it to happen it was a genuine mistake. But many animals believed the bunny actively killed the snake. Bunny was publicly shamed for making a mistake that was beyond his control he never practiced medicine again.

DOCTORS are humans too.

Mistakes will happen that’s unfortunate but their job is to save you. They aren’t actively trying to kill you. Some of us have lost important people in this pandemic. Medicine is no magic that would guarantee you anything. The profession comes with a high risk. We often forget to thank our doctors when we get better but we don’t hesitate to blame the doctors if things go south. Violence against doctors who are just doing their job is not the right approach to vent our feelings. Most times it is also upon people who delay treatment, or if sadly the patient has a poor prognosis. There are many variables and not everything is in control of the doctor.

Doctor’s ‘practice’ medicine.

Hence there is not 100% accuracy in the science and the outcome is unknown. As much as it is the responsibility of every citizen to respect and protect their doctors against vigilantes. At last, a humble plea to people is that don’t shy away from supporting a doctor. It is such small steps that could lead to a big change.

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