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Posted @ 2022-09-01

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Everyone needs shadow but no one takes the responsibility for it . yeah exactly i am speaking about planting trees not only plating trees gives shadow they give good vibes similarly all humans need shadows when they are need but they forget it after their needs are completed. Sunlight makes everyone stand in under the tree. once there was a king who was very wealthier but he was not that much knowledgeable so the courtier had lived his life under the shadow of the king, he used to grab everything from the king and enjoyed his life. Once he took everything from the king he left him alone and the king was very much broken because he believed the courtier very much and he couldn't accept that he had cheated him this much days . And the king had nothing with him because the courtier took everything from him . The courtier didn't even think about the king who had believed him this many days and spent happily his life in the shadow of the king and when once he got everything he forget the king . If you succed in cheating someone don't think that the person is fool . Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserve.

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