Author : Sahasra

Posted @ 2021-03-29

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Once upon a time, there was a balloon that said YES to everything. Because he thought saying NO was rude and impolite. So he put on a happy face and obliged to all requests. Some requests were genuine, but some requests were just hurting him. It hurt him physically and emotionally, that he became incapable of helping even the genuine requests. After that he was deflating fast, he wasn't a balloon anymore.

The balloon that says NO to sharp objects, fire, extreme environment. Bring more joy to people than deflated ones. They are happier and last longer! We have been taught to say YES. So it is not your mistake to feel deflated. SELF PRESERVATION is the law of nature. Saying NO to things that do not agree with you is by no means Disrespectful. Start saying 'NO'... It is your right! Respect is earned not asked!

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