Relationship String

Author : Sahasra V

Posted @ 2022-01-04

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This is the story of the Relationship String, It is magical because it bound people in a bond of love as long as the string remained loose.. the bond flourished. But if the string got tight there was tension. Sometimes we love so hard that we pull the string too tight. Maybe to control or to protect them or out of possessiveness. Whatever the reason, if you pull too hard the string is bound to break! And it will hurt the relationship. All our relationships ( friends, family, partners) are bound by this string, if you pull too hard they break. " Walk with the ones you love, let them explore on their own, use the string to give directions! But always keep the string loose enough. "

Making new friendships and relationships is like using a lasso to catch people. As long as you walk with them in the same direction, the string stays loose and all is fine. But when the person you care for wants to do something different from what you like, there is tension in the string. Now you can control them and keep pulling them or you can use the infinite yarn and let the string loose. So that they have their space to explore. And if they get lost, they can follow the string and come back.

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