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Posted @ 2021-08-05

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“Have you ever noticed that a bronze medalist is generally happier than a silver medalist at the end.”

At the Olympics,Bronze medals are given to people who finish in third place, and the definition of a third-place finisher is that they lost to the person who finished second.

It’s a proven fact in many research studies after studying reactions of silver medalists vs bronze medalists! Ideally, a silver medalist should be happier than a bronze. But the human mind doesn't work like mathematics. But it also found that bronze medalists are more likely to be smiling during the medal ceremony than are silver medalists.

“It is sometimes difficult to control our facial expressions, providing a lens into what people think and feel”. A concept in psychology in which there is a human tendency to create possible alternatives to life events that have already happened, that would be contrary to what happened. Silver medalist thinks, "Oh I couldn't win the gold medal." Bronze medalist thinks, "At least I got a medal." And compare themselves to, that gold medalist " So they think, 'Maybe if I had only done something different, I could have won that gold medal.' " That sort of thinking can be especially pervasive when the top two positions can be separated by nearly imperceptible milliseconds.

But the important fact is:

“The silver medal is won after losing, but the Bronze medal is won after Winning.”

This happens in our life also; we don't appreciate what we have but feel sad about what we don't have. Let's be grateful for our blessings, they far outweigh our problems if we start counting.

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