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There was a fish in the water tank that always wanted to go out of the tank, though there were many fishes in the tank everyone survived happily this one always felt lonely in the tank.

Author : Rithiks S

Published @ 2021-04-16


Once upon a time, A mysterious egg wheeled over to a young chicken.Chicken thought that you are not mine but I will love you like my own no matter what!

Author : Sahasra

Published @ 2021-04-07


The most effective Medicine on earth is Unconditional love which you give will be returned.

Author : Rithika S

Published @ 2021-04-03


A rose is pretty, but it also has thorns. If the rose felt guilty for having thorns, you will have only wilted flowers.

Author : Sahasra

Published @ 2021-03-29


Life is your biggest treasure, enjoy it. Every failure brings with it the seeds of equivalent success .

Author : Rithika S

Published @ 2021-03-29

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